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Tecnos S.r.l. deals with sheet metal working
and metals for more than 20 years

Throughout its history, the company has based its work on the principles of quality and professionalism, acquired over the years thanks to the wise mix between the technologies used and the know-how of its operators. In a few years we have thus acquired an important role in the panorama of sheet metal working in Milan.

Tecnos is specialized in sheet metal and metal working. Discover the processes and materials

The fields of application at Tecnos’ headquarters in Cuggiono, in the province of Milan, include plasma sheet metal cutting, oxyfuel cutting and 2D bevel fiber laser cutting. To these macro-processes are added bending and straightening, calendering, design and construction of metal structures in carpentry and mechanical processing of everything produced. The finishing processes such as deburring, tumbling and sandblasting and last but not least the sale of sheet metal, both coils and trains, in any size and quality.

Everything is done with extreme professionalism and speed, because we at Tecnos know that the primary objective is customer satisfaction.

Industrial 90%
Remodeling 80%

We are able to perform all types of metalworking: from oxyfuel cutting to plasma cutting, from laser cutting to metal carpentry work, including bending and calendering, and finally finishing work such as sandblasting and tumbling.

Whatever type of final object you need, Tecnos can work and cut sheets of any size for you: from 1 to 1000 mm!

How we work

Sheet metal and metalworking is carried out thanks to a pool of machines in continuous renewal. For our work we need state-of-the-art tools, and only by making continuous improvements to the machines at our disposal, we can always offer the best to our customers. For sheet metal and metal working we have machines that allow millimetric precision, thanks to numerical controls and the experience of the operators involved in each process. We also ensure that the subsequent phases of sheet metal and metalworking are always carried out with the highest quality. In this way each particular product is coded with the customer’s order, deburred of grinding wheel, straightened and if the customer requests it, brought to the subsequent processes of normalization and priming to get to the mechanical and painting.Other sheets, on the other hand, after the UT controls, are cut and chianfrinated on the perimeter and brought to the subsequent calendering, submerged arc welding and calibration processes.

Thanks to the great experience gained in many years of field applications, some orders must inevitably be handled separately by some of our older technicians. The latter, in synergy with the carpentry technicians, study and develop overall drawings of large plants or machinery, extrapolating the individual components of the structure thanks to dedicated software programs.

The decomposition or explosion of the structure itself identifies the dimensionality of the individual components, to which the necessary corrections are made for the over-metals for machining, chamfers for welding, etc.. Everything is designed to prevent and assist the assembly and welding in a quick and easy way.  These operations, the result of choices based on experience, highlight the importance of the human factor in the choice of procedures and the purpose of each project in progress. We can therefore say that our team is made up of experts in the field, who can shape and make any metal form you want in a few simple moves in the shortest possible time.


Our workings refer mainly to steels. Among these we find:

  • Steel s690
  • Corten Steel
  • Hardox wear plate
  • Construction steels S235 S275 S355 -JR-JO-J2+N
  • High strength structural steels S460N
  • Steel c45, Aldur and Alform
  • Steel for boilermaking P265-P275-P355-P460-A516 GR60-70
  • Stainless steels

Each process is then moulded and customised on the basis of the material being processed.

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