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Chamfering is another of the mechanical workings which aims to prepare metals for welding. It is also called crimping.

Chamfering allows you to obtain shaped profiles

In particular, chamfering consists in the preparation of the corners, providing them with a particular shape suitable for the welding process. This operation is therefore part of the sheet metal cutting process, and can be carried out with various instruments. The most commonly used is plasma. The shaping of the pieces, whether on forgings supplied on account by the customer or on parts that are generally oxy-cut parts of our production, is always done to model three-dimensionally and simplify the subsequent phases of mechanical processing very expensive and sometimes even unnecessary. The evolution of cutting machines and their flexibility has made it possible for us to flame-mold parts that until a few decades ago had to be machined only with chip removal machines.

The shapes

The shape to be given to the corners of the surface depends on its thickness. This is why there are different ways to chamfer the sheet metal.

For example, for a thickness of less than 3mm chamfering is not performed. From 3 to 6mm the most common shape that the corners will take is the V shape. From 6 to 500mm you opt for the V,Y,X,K shape.


The use of the latest generation machinery in the Cuggiono plant allows Tecnos to offer completely customised processing, both in chamfering and in all other metal carpentry operations such as sandblasting, tumbling, calendering, bending, shearing and cutting with oxyfuel, water and laser.

It is also our task to advise the customer on the best type of cut according to the result to be obtained.

Why chamfer?

There are several reasons for the chamfering operation.

First of all, we have already mentioned the facilitation of the subsequent operation: the chamfering of the sheets facilitates the welding bath.

But there may also be aesthetic reasons behind this choice, for products that are exposed to the public for example, or safety reasons, such as the need to eliminate sharp edges.

Whatever the motivation, at Tecnos you will find quality and professionalism, not only in this operation but also in any other mechanical work to be carried out on any type of steel.