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Within the definition of metal carpentry there are many operations aimed at shaping, finishing or transforming metals.

Metal carpentry: all Tecnos' processes for working metals and alloys

All these operations can only be carried out with the latest generation of instrumentation, which allows for fast and precise results. Over the years, light and heavy carpentry have made great strides, even in the specific field of metals. Today carpentry and mechanical processing are carried out within specialized structures, which are involved in shaping metals and making them available for distribution or for use in large projects.


Inside the metal carpentry department of Tecnos, in Cuggiono, our team of technicians carries out many procedures, including:

Sheet metal cutting

In addition to metal carpentry work, Tecnos also deals with sheet metal cutting, which can be done using laser, plasma or oxyfuel cutting methods.

All these operations can be carried out both in a standardised manner and with totally personalised dimensions and shapes, in order to satisfy all our customers’ needs.

Thanks to the technologies available, we can carry out medium-heavy carpentry including mechanical processing and painting.

Customers and processes

Our customers belong to the most varied industrial sectors: from the iron and steel industry to the oil industry, through chemicals and energy. Almost every industry, in fact, needs elements such as sheet metal and metal veneers.

This has allowed us to gain considerable experience in over twenty years of activity, and today we can boast a considerable portfolio of customers, qualifying us as a precision engineering company in Novara, Milan and Varese.

At the same time we have never stopped investing in terms of facilities and personnel, in order to offer an ever better service to our customers.

Even if our machinery is at the forefront, in fact, it is only thanks to our technicians that every job order is carried out in a workmanlike manner and on time.

Their task is in fact to supervise the work of the machines and make sure that the production cycles are always at their maximum potential.