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Three-dimensional shaping with flame cutting machines

Shaping is a flame process that aims to shape and lighten the piece as much as possible, in order to better prepare it for subsequent machining, or simply to finish it and give it a rougher shape more consonant to its final use. To obtain this shaping, Tecnos uses cutting-edge machines such as bevel plasma cutting, wheeled machines with oxycutting torches that can be tilted up to 60° for thicknesses up to 400mm and the latest addition, water cutting at 6200 bar that allows us to cut up to 300mm of steel.

Shaping allows you to model three-dimensionally

The shaping therefore allows to approach the final product leaving a few millimetres of over-metal. It will be the task of the mechanical processing to polish and bring the finished measurement of the shaped product in question.

The practicality and speed of cutting of our systems allows us to reduce the time and costs of machine tools by four times.

We often work with forging mills to better shape and finish large ingots and shaped shapes, which by their nature required the removal of large quantities of material at the expense of many hours of machine tooling.


Shaping has no limits other than that of always needing a cut in and out.

So you have to imagine shaping a solid by cutting and shaping it with an imaginary wire, held in tension by the hands, which must always remain outside the solid itself.

You can then imagine how many shapes and chamfers can be made!


The machines used in these processes are the plasma bevel 400A with working range 3800×28000 on 70mm.

The wheeled oxycutting beveler allows us to apply it on any piece or surface.

Working with two independent torches that can be tilted up to 60° on thicknesses up to 400mm, the limits of this machine are really few.

Recently Tecnos has also equipped itself with a very performing water cut.

In fact, it allows us to reach up to 300mm on any material on a 3000×6000 working range.

Why execute the shaping?

Shaping in recent years has acquired great importance in the preparation of parts for subsequent machine tool finishing.

The simplicity and versatility of the new Tecnos automatic machines, with flame, plasma and water cutting, allow us to shape and shape any type of piece giving it a shape almost identical to the final one with great savings in terms of time and mechanical processing costs.