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The sheet metal blanking operation allows to modify the shapes of an object, very often creating holes of different shapes and sizes.

It is therefore part of those mechanical processes that allow the deformation of a metal, such as bending and calendering.

What is sheet metal blanking and why the quality of equipment and personnel is important

A cut of the sheet metal, therefore, which serves not only to create holes but also to create the starting formats for subsequent processing. Sheet metal blanking can be done with different methods and instruments. For the creation of holes, for example, it is very common to use punches and dies. In other cases, instead, the sheet metal can be placed between two cutting edges.

Types of cut

The cut can also be straight or closed perimeter, depending on the final shape to be obtained.

The latter is what is obtained by means of a punch.

In this case the metal is pushed by the punch into a special compartment in the die, while the ejector takes care of “re-emerging” the piece once the hole has been drilled.

Blanking with cutting edges

In the case of sheet metal shearing using cutting edges, on the other hand, it is cracking that comes into play. In substance, the cut is produced when the crack of the fixed cutting edge and the crack of the movable cutting edge meet.

In this type of sheet metal blanking, it is very important, in addition to the use of the correct tools, also the skill of the operator, particularly in the game, namely in the space to be left between the sheet metal and the cutting elements.

Machinery and technical staff

If the right balance is not found, in fact, the cut will inevitably be inaccurate, with poor quality results.

This is why Tecnos uses only the latest generation of equipment at its headquarters in Cuggiono. Even the technical staff undergoes continuous refresher courses in order to keep up to date with the latest technological innovations and offer the customer an ever better service.

Sheet metal blanking and shearing are fundamental steps in the realization of what will become the finished product.