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Tecnos carries out mechanical processing on all types of sheet metal.

Mechanical processing on sheet metal: Tecnos services for industries

Among the different sheet metal working, in our headquarters in Cuggiono we carry out:
Each process is completely customizable and can be done even on large objects: in fact, we have at our disposal latest generation machines that allow us to perform the procedures even on large works. Tecnos is the ideal partner for the processing of sheet metal for chemical, energy, mechanical, steel and oil industries. A centre specialised in everything that has to do with the cycle that brings the sheet metal to its final destination of use. In particular we are specialized in cutting, with oxyfuel cutting, laser cutting and plasma cutting processes.

Our know-how

We are committed to continuous improvement in our work. That is why we continuously invest in our fleet of machines in order to offer our customers the best on the market.

The same is done for human resources: our technicians receive the best training and attend refresher courses for the management of complex machines and new possibilities.


Most of our sheet metal machining is concentrated on steel:

  • Hardox steel, Aldur, Alform
  • High strength structural steels
  • Steel s690 and c45

Our machines are however able to operate on all types of steel and sheet metal.


Our strong point is versatility: we can work on mechanical parts but also on oversized objects, thanks to the completeness of our fleet of machines.

In addition, we can also carry out mechanical machining on sheet metal completely customized on the basis of the customer’s needs.

The working of stainless steel allows us to produce semi-finished products destined to enter the homes of Italians, or to be part of large industrial or structural works.

Tecnos has been working on sheet metal in Milan for more than twenty years, during which time we have made professionalism and technology our cornerstones.