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Bevel 3D plasma cutting is one of the cuts that can be made to obtain sheets and other semi-finished metal products. Plasma cutting of sheet metal is one of the most common cutting methods, alongside laser cutting and oxyfuel cutting.

Obviously for each type of metal and steel there is a more suitable type of cutting, which allows to obtain the best results.

Bevel 3D plasma cutting: very high speed and precision performance for cutting stainless steels

HD plasma cutting, for example, is particularly suitable for stainless steels, while oxyfuel cutting is the best choice for carbon steel.

Plasma cutting processes can be different, although they all have the same result in common.

How plasma cutting is done

In contrast to oxyfuel cutting, which exploits a chemical reaction, 3D Bevel plasma cutting is based on the creation of an electric arc. The person responsible for the process is the plasma for cutting sheet metal. A nozzle emits a jet of gas, through which an electric arc is created between an electrode and the sheet to be cut. This allows the gas to be transformed into plasma, which overheats the surface to the melting point.

Clear and precise lines

Contrary to what one might think, the result is not at all chaotic or inaccurate, because the gas jet itself allows the waste material to be pushed away, thus allowing it to continue along the surface and above all to obtain clear and precise lines. The gas mainly used in these processes is a mixture of Argon and Hydrogen.

New technologies

While in the past, fairly risky systems such as high-frequency circuits, which often caused short circuits, were mainly used for this precision metal cutting, today things are very different.

Today Tecnos uses Bevel 3D plasma cutting, a new technology for sheet metal processing that allows excellent results to be obtained in perfect safety, while also improving performance in terms of quality and very high speed.

With these machines it is also possible to obtain inclined cuts and work on particularly complex surfaces.

Tecnos S.r.l. has two Bevel plasma platforms with a 3750mm x 28000mm work surface with three-dimensional rotating torches, capable of creating bevels and crimping on any material and thickness.

We have also implemented our fleet of machines with a new type of cutting, the water jet cutting.


This type of cutting can be performed on different types of steels.

Among these

  • steel S235, S275, S355, S690, C45
  • the Corten, Hardox, Aldur and Alform steel
  • high strength structural steels
  • Hardox wear plates
  • Steel for boilermaking P265-P275-P355-P460-A516 GR60-70
  • Stainless steels and Nicrofer
  • Aluminium

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