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Certified sheets are used for all types of industrial processes. The importance of using quality steels is a need found not only in the oil industry, where metals must be able to perforate soils, but also in the mechanical industry, where the sheets must bear large loads, or in the chemical industry, where they come into contact with corrosive substances.
certified sheet metal dimensional tolerances

Tecnos produces certified sheet metal for the industries by carrying out scrupulous quality controls

This is why it is important for all these industries to turn to companies that produce and process certified sheet metal such as Tecnos.
When we talk about certified sheets we are referring to products that undergo a whole series of qualitative and quantitative controls.
At Tecnos’ headquarters in Cuggiono, in the province of Milan, quality control follows the entire production chain, from the entry of raw materials to the exit of finished products.
Everything begins with the arrival of raw materials: quality steels such as Aldur, Alform, Hardox, c45 and s690.
All steels are accompanied by a traceability certificate to ensure that they come only from certified sources.
Before oxyfuel cutting, plasma cutting and laser cutting, many customers ask for an in-depth check with the ultrasonic control instrument in order to probe the material inside it, highlighting any porosity defects, cracks or flaking that would make the material brittle and unusable. On very important works we are able, through an associated laboratory, to verify also the real quality of the processed material and its chemical and mechanical properties. Often it is better to avoid getting to a point where defects or characteristics of the processed material that do not comply with what the customer has ordered.
Tecnos, where it deems it appropriate, checks non-destructive tests to ascertain what has been communicated by the steelworks in order to avoid any possible error in the production and quality chain of the material itself.

Controls along the production chain

The dimensional tolerances of our machining operations are in any case minimal, because our numerically controlled machines allow almost absolute precision to be achieved. The tolerance of the thickness of the sheet metal is therefore verified with machines of the latest generation, so as to be able to continue in the other operations of metal carpentry.
We can therefore speak of certified sheet metal also during and after the workings carried out. Tecnos, in order to guarantee the quality of its work, has equipped itself with an internal quality control system responsible for carrying out spot checks to verify the conformity of the production to the defined standards. Moreover, at the customer’s request we can also proceed with a control on every single piece produced.

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