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Among the many types of metalworking, laser sheet metal cutting is one of the most performing and technological.

The laser cutting of metals is very useful to obtain an extremely clean job in a very fast time.

Get precise results and a fast and clean cut with Tecnos sheet metal laser cutting

With the new 12kw Bevel Laser Fiber machine on a 3000×12000 application area, Tecnos is able to obtain precision cuts on large surfaces and thicknesses up to 25mm.

The procedure

The laser sheet metal cutting process is based precisely on the operation of the laser beam, which alone is able to overheat the metal to the melting point. Just as with oxyfuel and plasma cutting, this task is performed by a gas nozzle.
Almost always laser cutting of metals produces much more precise results than plasma cutting at lower energy costs. However, plasma cutting is still preferred on some occasions because of its flexibility. During its years of activity Tecnos has become a reference point for laser cutting in Varese.

The advantages

Fiber laser has revolutionized the world of laser cutting of metals from the source. The proven CO2 sources are replaced by maintenance-free LED sources that allow to amplify and update the cutting source at will. The transport of light by fiber, abandoning the previous one with mirrors, therefore avoids periodic settings and maintenance, making the new technology more performing and reliable. In recent years the intense development of the fiber laser has allowed to cut even thicknesses of 40mm and with the application of bevel torches to make 3D cuts such as V-X-Y-K perimeter chamfers even on holes and slots inside the piece. The precision of the cut to the tenth, the elimination of any burrs that are generally formed in other cutting processes, but above all the possibility of cutting any metal material, make the Laser Fiber Bevel a machine capable of replacing the plasma cutting technology over time. Tecnos, an expert in laser cutting in Milan, Novara and Varese, can also work on very thick sheets, and also deals with other processes such as sandblasting and crimping.


More than all the other features, however, it is the absolute precision that makes laser cutting of metals the preferred choice.

Thanks to the use of specific software it is also possible to obtain very complex shapes.

Today there are many technologies available for laser cutting sheet metal, tubulars and profiles.

Tecnos is a reference point for laser cutting in Milan with the most advanced instrumentation.

The different types of sheet metal laser cutting

One of these is CO2 laser cutting, which is based on the action of carbon dioxide to obtain excellent results on all types of steel, including alloys.

Fibre cutting, on the other hand, exploits the amplifying power of glass fibres. This makes it possible to cut not only steels but also elements such as copper and brass.

The diode laser, on the other hand, is a technology used not only for cutting sheet metal, but also in many other fields such as aesthetics and dentistry.

The diode allows a lower energy consumption, but at the same time excellent cutting results and a higher speed than other methods.

We have also implemented our fleet of machines with a new type of cutting, the water jet cutting.

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