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In the machining of metals for the mechanical industry, it is of fundamental importance to work on semi-finished products that are in perfect condition, both at the cutting and structural level. Only in this way is it possible to create metal structures for the mechanical industry capable of becoming finished products.

Tecnos' commitment to metalworking for the mechanical industry: technology and quality

Tecnos is a company that deals precisely with the processing of sheet metal and metals for the mechanical, steel, oil and energy industries.

A large part of our processing focuses on cutting operations, which can be carried out with oxyfuel cutting, plasma cutting and laser cutting.

The metal carpentry

In addition to cutting, however, there are also many other metal carpentry processes that Tecnos deals with. Among these we have sandblasting and tumbling, bending and calendering and blanking.

Each of these is of fundamental importance to obtain a perfectly shaped semi-finished product, free of imperfections and protected from the dangers of corrosion.

These semi-finished products are then used for the production of ships, airplanes, cars, motorcycles and all types of equipment and tools.

Processes and raw materials under constant control

Components for the mechanical industry are subjected to very strict controls throughout the entire production chain in order to ensure quality and safety.

Tecnos participates in the quality control process of metalworking for the mechanical industry by introducing its own quality standard that affects not only the processes carried out but also the raw materials.

In fact, incoming metals are all verified and of traceable origin. Quality control, which can be carried out on a sample basis or, at the customer’s request, on every single piece, ends only when the product is delivered to the customer.

The processing of metals for the mechanical industry uses machinery that has a very complex operation. To make them work you need a team of technicians constantly updated on the latest news in the field, such as that of Tecnos.