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More than for many other sectors, the processing of metals for the oil industry is of fundamental importance. The oil industry uses its own iron, steel and other metal alloys for drilling operations.

And these are the materials that Tecnos works every day in its Cuggiono headquarters.

Fundamental for metalworking for the oil industry the safety and strength of the materials

In particular, we treat Hardox, Aldur and Alform steel, but also s690 and c45 steel.

The metal structures for the oil industry must obviously have very precise characteristics, since they are intended for the extraction of very precious and delicate materials.

This is why they must be impeccably made.

Components for the oil industry must basically be functional and durable, but above all they must be safe.


Tecnos deals with the production and processing of metals for different types of customers: oil industry, but also energy, steel, mechanical and chemical.

In all these fields it is necessary that the materials used are able to withstand wear and tear, adverse weather conditions, and situations of high tension or torsion.

For this reason the processing of metals for the oil industry is carried out according to very strict procedures, subject to regular quality controls.


The main operations we carry out on steels belong to the category of medium-heavy metal carpentry.

Among these, some of them are aimed at providing sheets with a certain shape, such as bending, crimping and blanking. Others, on the other hand, intervene at a later stage to eliminate all the imperfections and residues of previous processes: this is the case of tumbling and sandblasting.

Customized processes

Whatever the work to be done, Tecnos can provide it in a completely customised manner, and on even very important dimensions.

Thickness is not a problem either: our oxyfuel cutting machine can work with thicknesses up to 600mm!

The raw materials used and the processes carried out are able to return impeccable sheets in every aspect.