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A sheet metal for the chemical industry is a key element for production processes.

The most common metal structures for the chemical industry are certainly the perforated sheets, but in reality every type of sheet finds its place, being its production process totally customizable.

The production of sheet metal for the chemical industry. Safety and reliability of Tecnos

In components for industry of this kind, strength and safety characteristics are certainly of primary importance.

In fact, in the plants we work with materials that are also unstable and dangerous, so it is important to be able to count on extremely reliable structures.

A sheet metal for the chemical industry must be composed of certified materials, as are those processed by Tecnos.

At our headquarters in Cuggiono, Milan, all incoming raw materials are verified and come from traceable sources. The same procedures follow very strict quality controls, performed by our team of technicians.

In this way we can deliver to our customers perfectly safe and functional sheets.

Materials and processes

We mainly use high-strength structural steels, such as Hardox, Alform and Aldur steel, c45 and s690 steels, stainless steel, aluminium and various alloys, P265-P275-P355-A516 and non-alloy structural steels S235 S275 S355.

The processes to which we subject the sheets are generally oxyfuel, plasma or laser cutting and various metal carpentry processes, including:

Available technologies

Thanks to our fleet of machines we are able to produce all types of sheet metal for the chemical industry. In fact, we have state-of-the-art instrumentation that allows us to work even on large dimensions.

The equipment for oxyfuel cutting, for example, has an operating plane of 3300mm x 28000mm; while another equipment works on thicknesses from 200mm to 600mm.

Plasma and laser cutting can also rely on equipment that allows totally customized machining.

In this way the sheet metal for the chemical industry can meet all the production requirements of the sector.

Tecnos has among its main customers not only the chemical industry, but also the steel, mechanical, energy and oil industry.