Free cookie consent management tool by TermsFeed Policy Generator Tecnos is specialized in sheet metal working for the energy sector

Sheet metal processing for the energy sector requires the use of state-of-the-art equipment and highly trained technical personnel.

Tecnos has been supplying metal structures for the energy industry since 1998.

In particular, we specialise in sheet metal cutting through plasma cutting, laser cutting and oxyfuel cutting processes.

Tecnos is specialized in sheet metal working for the energy sector. Discover our processes

The energy industry has a strong need for metal structures such as sheet metal at every stage of production processes. For this reason it needs reliable suppliers, who are able to create fully customizable structures of any size.

This is what Tecnos does at its headquarters in Cuggiono, in the province of Milan.  Here we have at our disposal machinery capable of working on large dimensions and large thicknesses, both for cutting operations and for medium-heavy metal carpentry.

Among the most common processes we have those of deformation as bending and calendering, those of finishing as tumbling, sandblasting and crimping.

Procedures and machinery

All processes are automated, and the machines work with the numerical control system in order to obtain precise results in the tenth of a millimetre range.

A team of technicians supervises the procedures ensuring the correct setting of the parameters. In addition, it is their task to carefully analyse the processes in order to find margins for qualitative and quantitative improvement.

Even if we have made technology our strong point, investing continuously in vehicles and equipment, novelties in this field are the order of the day.

Our customers and sectors

Our experience in metal carpentry for third parties has focused over the years on the processing of sheet metal for the energy, chemical, mechanical and oil sectors.

We are able to follow our customers from the project to the finished product, which can then in turn become the subject of further processing.

In a sector like that of sheet metal processing for the energy sector, it is necessary to be fast, precise and competitive.

And Tecnos has consolidated experience in each of these fields.