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Tecnos has been a leader in sheet metal processing for the steel industry since its foundation more than twenty years ago.

Sheet metal processing for the steel industry: Tecnos' quality and technology

In our factory in Cuggiono we take care of all operations involving the processing of sheet metal, with different types of steel.

Among these we remember:

  • Steel c45
  • Hardox Steel
  • High strength structural steels
  • Corten Steel
  • Steel s690
  • Aldur and Alform Steels
  • Construction steels S235 S275 S355 -JR-JO-J2+N
  • Steels for boilermaking P265 P275 P355 P460 A516 GR60-70
  • Stainless steels
steel industry wear plates

What do steel companies do

The steel company is a type of industry that works daily with iron and its alloys, for this reason it needs machined and semi-finished products for the realization of its products, as for example in the case of wear plates.

The steel industry deals with materials such as iron, cast iron and steel. While until 1800 its main purpose was the construction of weapons and agricultural tools, today these materials are present in practically every aspect of our lives, from everyday tools to public engineering works.

For this reason the need for semi-finished products is constantly increasing, and Tecnos tries to satisfy this trend through the use of high-performance machinery.

In fact, industrial requirements are increasingly pressing and it is becoming fundamental to be able to satisfy requests without sacrificing quality.

Tecnos' processes

The processing of sheet metal for the steel industry consists mainly of cutting operations and all those of medium-heavy metal carpentry.

The subsequent operations of bending, calendering and shaping of metals allow the steel industry to create any type of machinery in order to facilitate any other type of activity, finally sandblasting and tumbling allow to finish the surfaces and eliminate burrs and imperfections.

The Fleet of Machines

On the other hand, these operations are impossible without first cutting and shaping the sheets, which can be done by oxyfuel, plasma or laser cutting.

Our fleet of machines is made up of the latest generation equipment, capable of producing semi-finished products of the highest quality in a short time, with millimetric tolerances.

The entire process is subject to strict quality control, which applies to both the processes and the raw materials used.