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In the world of sheet metal cutting and processing, the combination of technology and the professionalism of the human element is fundamental.

The cutting and processing of Tecnos sheets follows scrupulous quality standards

The only way to create functional, aesthetically beautiful and durable objects is to use the latest generation machinery and personnel capable of fully exploiting the potential of the machines.

There are many products for the industry that require processing such as oxyfuel, plasma or laser cutting, or metal carpentry work such as bending, calendering, sandblasting, tumbling, crimping and blanking.

The sectors

The head office of Tecnos Cuggiono, in the province of Milan, works for clients in a wide range of industrial contexts:

and much more.

We are also involved in the construction of metal structures of all kinds.

From detail to oversize

Since the foundation of our sheet metal cutting and processing business, we have distinguished ourselves for our ability to offer our customers a truly complete service. In fact, our fleet of machines makes it possible to cut and process sheet metal that can constitute a finished product or instead continue as semi-finished products in the production cycle.

For oxyfuel cutting, for example, we have machines equipped with 3300mm x 28000mm operating tables with 5 automatic packing torches, while another machine of 2650mm x 6300mm is able to work on thicknesses from 200 to 600mm.

Plasma cutting is instead performed on a 3750mm x 28000mm working plane with three-dimensional rotating torches.

Quality standards

Each process is carefully supervised by our technicians. The latter also have the task of monitoring the performance of the machines and continuously searching for methods to improve the qualitative and quantitative standards.

Not only the production: the entire supply chain is controlled from start to finish, with scrupulous quality control.

From the moment the sheets enter the company, all checked and traceable, to the exit of the semi-finished products, the controls establish the quality and maximum tolerance of the dimensions of the processed products.

Moreover, on customer’s request, we can also check every single piece.

Sheet metal cutting and processing