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Water cutting is a technique that allows to cut some materials characterized by particular resistance in an easy and fast way.  It is the force of the pressure that allows this ease, pressure that is exerted by a water jet concentrated in a very small space.

Cutting sheet metal with water: speed and precision thanks to pressure

Water cutting machines

The technology we use in our plant is called Waterjet, and is one of the most technologically advanced. These waterjet cutting machines use the power of the pressure jet of this liquid to achieve an extremely precise cut. This technology is generally used for materials such as steel, aluminium and copper, but in some cases it can also be used for hard plastics. The Waterjet is the cold cutting solution for shaped parts with complex geometries. Depending on the material, a waterjet made of water only or mixed with abrasive can be used.

How it works

Tecnos has decided to equip itself with a latest generation machine that allows to perform both water and plasma cutting with the same machine. The machine has a 3000×6000 working range, with a 6000 bar pump that can easily cut up to 300mm of steel. An impressive power that allows to use this machine with extreme simplicity, thanks to the easily programmable jet, which can cut precise shapes in a short time. In fact, its operation is based on the programming to the millimetre of the “path” that the water jet must take to obtain the required shape. This precision means that the machine is used by many industries, from aeronautics to aerospace and precision mechanics.

How does the water cut work?

Using water cutting means adopting a cutting-edge methodology that allows to obtain results equal if not superior to traditional methods.

In fact, water cutting succeeds even where other methods such as laser end up damaging or altering the surface. In addition, water cutting makes it possible to obtain an extremely small groove in the cut.

The result is a clean and precise cut!

Tecnos uses this technology for sheet metal cutting, to be combined in the case of more resistant surfaces with an abrasive.

The abrasive is generally a sand that is canalized inside the channel crossed by water, to further affect the surfaces.

The advantages

  • Cutting different materials with a single tool
  • No mechanical load on the workpiece
  • Finished cut that does not require further cleaning
  • Use on various materials up to high thicknesses
  • Absence of toxic vapours
  • Absence of heat input on cut metals
  • Absence of alterations in the mechanical structure of the cut piece
  • Excellent cutting precision
  • Simplicity of programming
  • Cutting of parts with complex geometries and very sharp angles
  • Reduced material waste and scrap due to reduced cutting groove

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